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Air Conditioner Module

Air Conditioner | Integrated & Stand alone

The Innolite principle on air conditioning is based on a circulating flow. Inside the machine, only minor disturbing heat sources are influencing the temperature equilibrium as drives, oil and other potential heat sources are actively temperature controlled by water. More likely, external influences around the machine influence the air temperature and the precision accordingly. For that reason, it makes sense keep up and not to disturb a continuous flow of air throughout the system. The internal unit for IL500 and IL600 series machines or the external for IL200 and IL300 systems are working this way, over 80% of the machine chambers air volume are redirected through a bundle of filters into the air conditioning. Together with a minor amount of fresh air from the surroundings the air is reconditioned temperature wise and is blown back into the machine enclosure. Inside the axis room there is an overpressure that next to temperature control allows for sealing air to avoid contamination. At closed door operation, temperature deviations as low as +/- 0.02° C can be achieved, to allow for ultra-constant machine conditions and long term stability.