Center Turning

Optics in Line
Innolite - Center Turning - ILCentric


The ILCENTRIC is the leading edge ultra-precision machine platform for high productivity center turning of complex mounted lenses. Various embedded optical and tactile sensors allow for the centering of all relevant modern optics. As the ILCENTRIC does not use a conventional centering chuck but works with a unique slow tool process for alignment correction, the machine can also be utilized for diamond turning applications and high precision mechanical manufacturing.



Technical Data

System Configuration Ultra Precision 3 axis CNC high dynamic turning lathe for centering of mounted lenses or ultraprecision diamond turning
Processes Center turning of mounted optics, diamond turning, slow tool turning, measuring
Machine Base Natural granite base for superb accuracy
Vibration Isolation Self leveling pneumatic isolation system (either passive or electronically controlled active leveling, option
Control System Beckhoff CNC industrial standard high performance machine controller, Intel® CoreTM i7, Quad-Core
Programming resolution 1 nm linear, (0.01 nanometer optional) , 0.0000001 ° rotary
Set Points per second 3.000 (CNC), 10.000 (Direct Drive)
File Transfer USB, Ethernet
Water Control Active chiller, < 0.02 °C/ 2 h
Evacuation Machining chamber air evacuation lter < 1 μm
Turning Performance Form accuracy < 0.2 μm, surface roughness (Ra) < 3 nanometers


Linear Axis
Travel 300 mm (Innolite Hydroline 300) X, Z
Accuracy over Full Travel/Feedback Type +/- 1 μm, resolution 0,03125 nm
Straightness +/-0.2 μm
Pitch, Roll, Yaw +/- 2 arcsec for all
Max. Speed 15 m/sec
Drive System Brushless linear motor
Load Capacity / Stiffness 420 N/μm horizontal, 210 N/μm side
Media Supply Compact integrated hydrostatic supply unit ISO VG 22
Interface 2x NanoGrip Ultra precise clamping system 0.5 μm repeatability


Workholding Spindle
Type Groove compensated air bearing
Load Capacity 70 kg @ 6.9 bar
Axial/Radial Stiffness 228 N/μm / 98 N/μm @ 6.9 bar
Motion Accuracy Axial < 20 nm, radial < 20 nm
Max. Speed 50 to 10.000 rpm, bidirectional
Feedback Resolution 0.07 arcsec.
Thermal Control Integrated water cooling with chiller
Interface NanoGrip Ultra precise clamping system 0.5 μm repeatability


Optical Axis Characterisation (Sphere) Autocollimator
Optical Axis Characterisation (Asphere) Scanning chromatic confocal sensor
Dimensions Tactile 3D


Air Conditioning Air floow circulation, △T <0.3°C
ILSONIC Diamond machining of steel / glass




ILCAM CT was developed to efficiently program highly automated center turning jobs consisting of diverse measurement routines for geometry and optical axis characterization, machining jobs, quality inspection routines and fully integrated quality documentation. Graphical user support and intuitive operation are fundamental elements of the software that interacts directly with the machine controller. ILCAM will give you ultimate geometrical freedom to taylor your mounts contour consisting of lines, champfers, radii and even threads.



Innolite - Center Turning - ILCam CT


Innolite - Center Turning - Spherical Optics

Spherical Optics

The standard functionality of the ILCENTRIC is to center coated and uncoated mounted spherical lenses in a highly-automated way. The applied measurement routine is a precision autocollimator measurement. Diameters of up to 250 mm are supported on the machine. Customized solutions for larger diameters are available.


Depending on the customers mount design typical accuracies are:

– remaining eccentricity after machining < 1.5 μm

– remaining angular displacment < 0.2 arcmin




Achromats correct for chromatic abberation and are an important brick in optical systems. The autocollimator system will safely detect the single optical axis of the achromats lenses and will average for the overall optical axis of the achromat.




Innolite - Center Turning - Achromats
Innolite - Center Turning - Aspherical

Aspherical and Free Form Optics

Aspherical lens shapes and free form surfaces become more and more relevant in modern optics design. Due to a unique confocal scanning system with a high accuracy fitting algorithm, the ILCENTRIC is the leading-edge platform for automated centering of aspherical and also free form optics.

Infrared Optics

Due to the Innolite unique aspherical scanning process for center turning operation, also infrared optics with at least one aspherical surface can be efficiently center turned to the highest precision. There is no need for expensive infrared cameras or light sources with the flexible surface scanning approach.

Innolite - Center Turning - Infrared Optics
Innolite - Center Turning - Micro Optics

Micro Optics

With lens diameters down to 0.5 mm, the ILCENTRIC center turning platform has been applied for machining micro optics. As there is no need for a mechanical alignment chuck, the highest accuracy as requested for micro optics can be achieved efficiently with the system.