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ILSONIC Monolithic Module

ILSONIC Monolithic

The new ILSONIC Monolithic is the world´s leading ultrasonic tooling system operating at up to 120 kHz.
With the use of ultrasonic assisted ultraprecise diamond cutting, optical surface finish can be achieved in hardened steel for high performance mold inserts or even glass substrates and infrared materials.

For the past five years Innolite has been using the ILSONIC Technology internally to diamond cut optical surfaces in steel for LED headlight mold inserts as a leading supplier in German automotive production. The new ILSONIC Monolithic has been developed based on this outstanding long term industrial experience for highest efficiency and longest lift time of the product.

The ultrasonic tooling system ILSONIC Monolithic consists of a piezo drive and a specially designed and patented sonotrode to operate in resonance frequency. As a unique feature, the entire system design is realized as a monolithic unit without bolted interfaces that are effected by the high frequency vibration over time. A diamond tool, attached to the front tip of the sonotrode oscillates at resonance frequency on an elliptical tool path allowing for extended applications in diamond cutting. With its unique monolithic design the ILSONIC significantly differs from the competitor´s products in terms of long term stability and life time.

Ultrasonic Assisted Diamond Turning of Steel

Single-crystalline diamond tools chemically consist of carbon. If brought into contact with ferrous materials, a diffusion process takes place that accounts for a life time of the tool < 1 min.
Applying an ultrasonic vibration to the tool together with the right process parameters allows for the diamond to constantly loose contact with the ferrous material and to recover from upcoming diffusion. Life time of the tool can be improved up to 10 hours of constant cut. The surface finish quality typical to diamond turning processes can be achieved in steel alloys. Superimposed microstructures can be manufactured as well as ultraprecise free form surfaces or conventional spheres or aspheres.

Ultrasonic Assisted Diamond Turning of Glass

A brittle behavior is characteristic to glass or ceramics if being cut with a defined cutting blade. The brittle behavior turns into ductile behavior, if the minimum chip thickness is blow a critical value of approx. < 100 nm.
The tool motion of the MKD diamond generated by the ultrasonic vibration allows for the achievement of such small minimum chip thickness and accordingly for the ductile cutting of glass. The new ILSONIC Monolithic allows for the efficient ductile cutting of glass and ceramic substrates. Continuous surfaces as well as micro structures can be diamond turned without the need of post polishing.

Technical Product Specifications
Operating frequency
120 kHz
~ 2-3 μm
Tool motion
Machinable sag
70 mm (custom designs available)
Standard insert with MKD
Tool orientation
Angular adjustment possible
Piezo emplifier
110V / 220V
Shape accuracy (after compensation)
< 500 nm PV
Surface roughness
< 5nm Ra
All diamond turning and ruling machines