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Our key expertise lies within generating optical surface finishes by diamond machining processes. Decisive for your products success is the right design for manufacture including additional aspects of machinability, replication, alignment & characterization and realistically achievable accuracy. Based on our experience we try to identify critical spots in the production chain at an early stage, to elaborate efficient ways to reduce risk and good product success.

Our Background

Optical surfaces
  • High precision conventional optics
  • Free form surfaces
  • Micro structured surfaces
  • Diffractive structures
Data analysis & handling
  • Surface data analysis and data conversion
  • Generation of ultra-high resolution CNC programs
  • Tayloring hybrid surfaces
Surface generating processes
  • Diamond turning and ultrasonic assisted diamond turning
  • Diamond ruling and milling
  • High precision milling and polishing
  • Galvanics for recombination
  • Tool design with mold insert alignment strategies
  • Injection molding process strategies
  • Injection compression and overmolding
  • Hot embossing
  • Optical surface inspection (white light interferomter, chromatic microscope)
  • Tactile surface inspection (CMM, scanning)
  • Data preparation and analysis
  • Shrinkage compensation based on measurement data

Optical Mold Making

Innolite’s work in the field of optical mold making is based on over 15 years of experience in numerous business fields. The core competency of Innolite is diamond machining to realize complex optical surfaces to the highest quality standards. Innolite is continuously developing process and machine technology to push the limits of ultra-precision machining. We also combine diamond machining with high precision milling and polishing technology. »Driving Productivity in Ultra Precision Technology« has been our passion ever since.

Innolite - Tailored Molds & Optics - Optical Mold

Markets and Applications

Automotive LED Headlights, Head Up Display, Rain Sensor, Back Lights, Interior Illumination
Aviation Head Up Displays
Ophthalmic Contact Lenses, Eye Glasses
AR /VR Smart Glasses Direct Projection, Light Guide Based
Energy Fresnel Collectors for Concentrating Photovoltaics
Medical Projection Optics in Diagnostics
Architectural Illumination Free Form Optics for Tailored Intesity Distribution
Luxury Goods Image Projection, Watches

Materials for Molds

Accuracy Life Time Cost
Steel & NiP Coating +++ ++
Steel Direct (US assisted) ++ +++
Aluminum + + ++
Brass + +++
Copper (OFHC) ++ ++
Polymer & Galvanics +++ +++ +


Innolite - Tailored Molds & Optics - Optical Components

Optical Components Manufacturing

Innolite is applying ultra-precision diamond machining to generate extremely high precision optical components, such as mirrors for laser and metrology applications, lenses for imaging and prototypes. We achieve highest accuracy requirements depending on the individual application such as slope (arcsec) or shape (PV) for continuous or micro structured surfaces.

Markets and Applications

Automotive Head Up Display Alignment Mirror, Direct Prototypes
Industrial Laser Processing CO2 Mirrors, Free Form Mirrors for Intensity Tayloring
Space & Aviation Mirrors for Laser Measurement
Metrology Gratings for Spectroscopy
VR / AR Smart Glasses Prototyping of Projection Optics

Achievable Accuracy

Shape accuracy continous PV < 200 nm after corrective machining
Slope Error < 5”
Micro Structure PV < 100 nm


High Precision Components Manufacuring

Generating ultra-precise surfaces is not only limited for optical applications. Haptic or high precision reference surfaces can be highly demanding for production. Innolite is applying their ultra-precision machining background to generate such surfaces. Applications are in the fields of watches and jewelry, automotive interior, electron spectrometers, and many others.

Innolite - Tailored Molds & Optics - High Precision